Custom Processing... Custom Solutions.

  • Is it time to take your operation to the next level.
  • New to speciality crops such as Hops or Hemp.
  • Have a waste stream you want to turn into profit.
  • In the market for top quality equipment, with proven results and 24/7 customer support.

Welcome to your one stop shop. Service offerings include Plant Layout/Design,Turnkey Drying, Harvesting, Pelletizing and Processing Systems to on-site planning and development strategies.

Have something in mind you want built, we can do that. Looking for used ancillary equipment, we have it. If not, we can find it. Spend your time increasing the bottom line, while we spend ours helping you get there.

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Case Studies
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Biomass I Size Reduction Plants

With over 80+ years combined experience in the biomass and speciality crop industry, we can design and build a solution specific to your processing needs. Whether the requirement be an Industrial size facility or our Turnkey System Solutions (TSS), we can take the guess work out of the process.

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Commercial "X" Traction Series

T90/T45 Hop Processing

We have spent the last decade redefining how T90 & T45 hop pelleting should be done, correctly. With over 50 systems sold and serviced all over the world there isn't a more experienced company when it comes to this crop. Hands down. We will bet you a beer on that!

A message from the owner:

"I have nothing against the old suit and tie equipment salesmen, but they have no idea how to run this crop effectively, or efficiently. I have spent a majority of my time on this crop, which in my opinion is the hardest of all things to process. Period. It has become an infectious obsession to provide equipment that keeps oils at a high and product loss at a low. You can't just expect to break down a hop cone and watch a pellet come out. Its more than that. Brewers expect quality. So that's what we build" 

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Dual 30 XTR System w/ Bale Breaker

Engineering Solutions

You want new ideas to solve your industrial plant engineering and construction challenges. Our engineers are in the field in very demanding situations where the easy answer won’t work, where “off-the-shelf” doesn’t fit. We create solutions customized to fit your specific situation, from plant designs that require zero downtime to construct, to developing out-of-the-box processes that reduce cost. We are there to make sure that the investment you are about to make in engineering and construction delivers the ROI goals that justified the project.

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XT Hop Pro System

Consult. Design. Build.

As you know, not all design and engineering teams are the same. Although you may have existing relationships that you have been conveniently comfortable with, it may be time for something better, faster, more responsive, and different. Whether you engage the NewAG team to fill in the gaps in your existing team or trust them with your whole project, we adapt to work with you and bring value to your project.

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On-Site in Tettnang Germany with world renown Hop Grower Lochner-Hopfen

System Controls

Control cabinets from our techs at NewAG Group are used in a wide range of diverse applications. Thanks to their extensive practical know-how and expertise our specialists create custom-fit control cabinet solutions. These also stand the test in applications with adverse environmental conditions.

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NEMA 4 Control Cabinet for Grain Bin Setup

Organic Fertilizers

Two years of field studies tells us we have an incredible soil supplement called Black Rooster. ​Ideal for organic vegetables, hemp, marijuana and others. Samples for lab or field testing are available now.

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Bio-Char/Manure pellet Blend

Packaging Equipment

With over 20 years of engineering and automation experience we provide the ultimate in service, installation, and sales of multi head scales, VFFS (vertical form fill seal) automated packaging machines, rotary pre-made pouch packaging machines, metal detectors, checkweighers, and so much more.

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